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vplaylist: HTML5 MP4 video player

I had the experience of working with web sites where clients upload their own videos for content. Occasionally, the video would not be in the correct format. These weren't usually old .avi files, .webm or .mov files, or VIDEO_TS files from DVDs.

They were mostly all MP4 files that were not encoded just quite right.

There was a special magic method to create web-friendly MP4 files, and some sites offered to help. I didn't want to rely on a site though, I wanted to learn the ffmpeg commands.

Having them upload to YouTube (where the conversion is all done for you) would be so much easier. But at the same time, why use YouTube when these sites are perfectly capable of hosting and playing videos?

vplaylist was created for the purpose of:

See the working vplaylist demo here.

For more details and instructions for installing on your server, see the vplaylist github page.