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Multitasking with a Raspberry Pi

With so many things possible on the Raspberry Pi, get more out of each device and spend less time swapping and imaging SD cards.

Using a Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 4, this is done with Berryboot or with Docker. Depending on whether the services need to run at the same time, or if they are going to installed side-by-side like dual-booting will determine which option works best.

Showing images of Berryboot and Portainer...

Berryboot allows multiple full operating systems or SD card images to be installed side-by-side. - Raspberry Pi OS - Base install server image - Retro Pie - Volumio - OSMC - Whatever else the kids are installing these days Docker allows multiple services to run at once. - Web server - Pi hole - Plex - Droppy - Motioneye - Whatever else the kids are doing these days

You might start with berryboot for an easy way to load a whole new clean image at any time, while you're configuring or in case you mess anything up.

Then once you've decided what services are working well, deploy those to a Docker configuration if possible.

Berryboot SD images are available here: Instructions: Openmediavault with Docker instructions: - Start with Raspberry Pi OS base image