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kplaylist: PHP 7 compatible music player

My use case for maintaining this software

I originally found kPlaylist in 2004 and used it to stream music on Windows XP w/ Winamp at work. Due to a new security policy, we could no longer use CDs or USB drives in our workstations.

My 1.5MBps down/0.5MBps cable internet connection could handle 2-4 concurrent streams, depending on the MP3 quality. So I made logins for friends and coworkers and it was fun to see what they were listening to from my library.

This was after the days of Napster and while we still played CDs in our cars, some people were starting to buy iPods and other MP3 players. It was years before Spotify, Seeqpod or even Pandora would become available.

Original server configuration used:

I was setting up kPlaylist on a new server one day in 2017...

apt install mysql
apt install php php-mysql php-gd php-zip php-mbstring

Loading up kPlaylist in the browser...
White screen.
New errors!
Checks phpinfo...

PHP Version: 7.0

...What happened to PHP 5?

Though I had messed around with kPlaylist before, the official deprecation of PHP 5 was when the real work began on updating the program to continue working.

I wasn't getting any new fancy PHP 7 projects at work, so this was also my next best shot at trying out PHP 7.

See the working PHP 7.4 kPlaylist demo here!

For more details and instructions for installing on your server, see the kPlaylist github page.