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Doge Meme Generator: Overview

Create an immersive interactive experience by combining characters, backgrounds, and music.

I got so much enjoyment out of the original doge game I found that I had to make my own.

It's been updated to work on mobile as well as desktop. A text box is used to pop up the keyboard so the WASD keys can be used for movement.

Playing the audio was a challenge on mobile as the background music is loaded from a specified YouTube video and there are stricter rules in place now for autoplaying a video.

Loading of the video is delayed until the user interacts with the application using the WASD movement commands. This demonstrates to the browser that a user is indeed present and active, so the video does not fail to load.

From there, the possibilities are endless. I always wanted to push a trash can around to a garbage song, and to do it in a window I can get to from anywhere, just taking a moment to myself, or sharing that moment with others.

Customize Your Own Doge Meme!

TL;DR much doge. many combinations .wow.